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aksoy legal

Aksoy Legal is a boutique law firm that is dedicated to providing a high-quality legal service to its national and international clients from different sectors. 

At Aksoy Legal, we conduct our legal services with the following main principles:

About Us

Tailored Solutions


We understand that each client’s needs are unique. With this in mind, we focus on our clients’ specific goals in our work and try to find tailored solutions for them. 



We lay out our work description, our legal fees, and the expenses as clearly as possible. We also keep our clients informed of any developments regarding their files by also providing them with all relevant documents at each step of our legal task. 



We want our clients to feel that we are always at their disposal. In this respect, we make every effort to reply to all queries within one business day. For the tasks that require more time and research, we set ourselves a tight schedule by also consulting our clients. 

An Eye on the Future


We always follow the most recent legal developments and precedents. Furthermore, we closely monitor developing technologies and sectoral trends, which may be relevant to our legal practice.

Meet Our Founder

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