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A New Postponement in the Deadline for Enrolling in VERBIS in Turkey Due To COVID-19

The deadline for enrolling in the Data Controllers’ Registry (“VERBIS”) has been postponed once again due to COVID-19, by the decision of the Personal Data Protection Board numbered 2021/238 and published on 11 March 2021.

The new deadlines for enrolling in VERBIS for the following data controllers are listed as follows:

According to Article 18 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698, those who fail to meet the obligations for enrolling in the VERBIS shall be required to pay an administrative fine, based on the amounts updated in 2021, ranging from TRY 39,337 to TRY 1,966,862.

It is noteworthy that although there is an announced deadline for enrolling in VERBIS, all legal responsibilities regarding the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and other related legislation are already in force.

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Dogukan Berk Aksoy, LL.M.

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